Advantages of Off-Campus Living?
Why choose Academic Life Off-Campus?
Are the properties furnished?
May I bring my own furniture?
Are utilities provided in the rental price? 
Are there TV and computer connections in each bedroom?
The Importance of Off-Campus Student Housing Property Insurance!
Do I need Renter’s Insurance?
Do I have to sign a lease?
How long is the lease period?
Is there a security deposit requirement?
What is the security deposit used for?
Are there laundry facilities at the off-campus housing locations?
May I keep a pet at my housing location?
May I smoke in my housing rental?

How do I apply?


Q.  What are the advantages of living off-campus?

A.  There are many reasons to living off-campus:

Cost: Living off-campus can be very cost effective.  In addition to the higher cost of on-campus rental fees, many college housing offices
lllllllllll require the purchase of meal plans that may not fit your budget, meal times, or dietary requirements.  Also, snacks are usually an added
lllllllllll expense not covered by the meal plan.

Freedom: On-campus facility rules tend to prohibit such items as warming plates, coffee makers, and refrigerators.  These items are generally
llllllllllllllllllllllacceptable, or even supplied, in the off-campus house.  In a nutshell, you and your roommates may set your own rules of living,
lllllllllllllllllllll within the parameters of the landlord lease agreement.

Space: Off-campus housing generally provides greater space, and more privacy!  There is no comparison between having your own
lllllllllllllll bedroom/office versus the commonly shared “shoebox” dormitory allotment.

Life Preparation: The life experiences learned by living off-campus are many: time management, organization, food shopping and preparation,
llllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllcleaning and trash removal scheduling, and adhering to contractual lease agreements, to name a few.  These contribute
llllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllimmensely to your future as a reliable adult. 


Q.   Why should I choose Academic Life Off-Campus for my housing needs?

A.  We provide a reliable management service with years of experience, and a living standard you expect during your college tenure: safety, privacy, and convenience. 

Safety: Our facilities are insured for off-campus student housing and are code inspected to local and national standards. 

Privacy: Each client will have his or her own private bedroom with a deadbolt lock.  Main housing entries are keyed separately.

Convenience: Our locations are within easy walking and biking distance from each campus.  Off-street parking is provided at most housing
llllllllllllllllllllll llllllllocations.  Local transportation services stop at, or near, our facilities.


Q.  Are the properties furnished?

A.  Yes.  We provide living and dining area furniture, kitchen appliances, utensils, plates, dishes and glassware.  Individual bedrooms in most locations include a twin bed, dresser, desk with chair.  We even provide flat screen TVs in some of the common living areas. Please check individual locations for a list of furnishings.


Q.  May I bring my own furniture?

A.  We discourage using your own furniture.  We have found that: (1) Moving furniture in and out of our facilities causes undue damage to walls and floors, (2) In some rare cases, “bugs” can be transferred from one location to another via furniture, (3) Unwanted furniture left behind after the rental period must be discarded at the tenant’s expense, via security deposit deduction.  Please contact us for any special requests.


Q.  Are utilities provided in the rental price? 

A.  Yes, in most locations.  Electric, broadband and Wifi wireless Internet access, cable TV, water, heat, recycling and refuse removal are all included in the rental price.  Most of our locations have AC, also included. Please check individual locations for a detailed list of utilities provided.


Q.  Are there TV and computer connections in each bedroom?

A.  Yes.  Each bedroom has Cable TV connection and Ethernet Broadband computer connection.  Common areas have Cable TV connections and secured WiFi wireless Internet access throughout the facility property.


Q.  Is it important for me to live in off-campus housing that is insured for that use?

A.  ABSOLUTELY!  Ask yourself: Would you ride in a car or an airplane that is not insured?  Probably not, as there are serious personal and financial risks involved in doing so. Unfortunately, many off-campus housing facilities are not insured properly for personal injury or catastrophic loss.  This is sometimes reflected in a low rental price offering.  You should always ask the facility owner if their property is insured for off-campus student housing.  We will be glad to provide proof of our off-campus housing insurance policy upon request.


Q.  Does the off-campus housing property insurance cover my personal belongings?

A.  Generally, no.  We advise our clients to purchase an optional “Renter’s Insurance Policy” to cover personal belongings.  These policies are inexpensive and easily found by searching the Internet, or contacting your local insurance agency.


Q.  Do I have to sign a lease?

A.  Yes.  The lease agreement is legal documentation of our, and your, responsibility during the leasing period.  We provide a comprehensive agreement for the security and legal commitment of all signing parties, in regard to Landlord-Tenant Law.


Q.  How long is the lease period?

A.  The typical lease period is for the college academic year: Approximately ten (10) months.  Contact us regarding single semester or extended lease periods.


Q.  Is there a security deposit requirement?

A.  Yes.  The amount of security deposit varies depending on location and is due prior to move-in date.  Please check individual locations for the security deposit fee. 


Q.  What is the security deposit used for?

A.  We understand that “bumps and bruise” do occur under normal living conditions, and are not considered noteworthy as a subtraction from the security deposit.   Unfortunately, some tenants may find the exuberance of off-campus housing as a reason for deliberate property damage or destruction.  In these rare instances, we shall withhold security deposit for any replacement or repair involved.  The total, or partial, security deposit amount is returned within 30 days after lease termination.

Q.  Are there laundry facilities at the off-campus housing locations?

A.  Yes.  There is a complete, residents-only laundry facility with multiple coin-operated washers and dryers at each location. 


Q.  May I keep a pet at my housing location?

A.  Sorry, but no.  Pets are great fun and responsibility.  Unfortunately, property damages can occur, and many people are allergic to particular animal dander.  


Q. May I smoke in my housing rental?

A.  We strongly prohibit smoking indoors at all of our facilities.  Smoking is allowed outdoors and an ashtray shall be used. 


Q.  How do I apply?

A.  You will find our contact information by accessing our Contact page on this site. 


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